Sunday, 6 January 2013

Down to business

After a 10 day rest over Christmas, I'm now fully back into the swing of training. The first session back was with Rikki Fifton up at Lee Valley, and it was gruelling; when it came to the plyometric exercises (bounding, jumping etc.) I was about as springy as a rhinoceros! We did some short sprints using block on Thursday which was really good, before doing endurance work in the form of 300m runs on Saturday and then an hour of core work with the medicine ball this morning. The savage hills runs have come to an end (which is a blessing) and all the work will be track based now to ensure our speed and endurance is as good as possible for the start of the season. I'm gong to really step up the training from now, upping it to 9 times a week for the next 2 weeks, as the following week sees me run in my first competition in the 60m indoor at Newham. I've got 8 indoor events between January 23rd and March 24th which should give me a pretty good indication of how much progress I've made whilst making it abundantly clear what I need to work on. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of running this distance as it's not one I've ever been timed at before, so the first time I do it I'm guaranteed a personal best! There are also 5 outdoor events from April to August where I'm hoping to improve on my PB each time. I'm hoping that come August I'll be touching 10.75s and feeling fit. I'm down to 13st 10lb now, having started at 14st 4lb back in September, so I'm definitely getting there, but could probably still stand to lose another 4 or 5 pounds, which would see my power to weight ratio improve even further. For now, I'm going to keep working hard and hope that I can reach the high standards that I've set for myself. It's far from easy but I'm really enjoying the hard work and dedication that it is requiring; fingers crossed the self discipline will be enough. If anyone is around and would like to come and see me compete at any point just let me know and I'll give you the event details!

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